On Tour

The documentary series 'On Tour' follows famous Finnish people and their touring life. No matter the destination nor the reason for the travel, there's always a Sokos Hotel close by - Original, Solo or Break. Enjoy the ride and get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the touring life.

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Eero Ettala

"The hotel becomes your
home during the tour."

Pro snowboarder Eero Ettala is shooting "Cooking with Gas" snowboarding series for Red Bull Snow with his crew. This time their video shoot takes them to Rovaniemi, where conditions are extreme with -31 celsius degrees outside during their shoot. Eero shares us his thoughts and experiences on his life on the road with his crew.


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"It's always more luxurious
than your home."

Singer songwriter Sanni is shooting her new music video "Dementia". In the backstage of the venue we take a look at Sanni’s song writing, touring life and get the chance to feel the ambiance just before the zero hour.

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